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SunSystems Banklink for Business Module

BankLinks for Business (B4B) provides an interface between the payable’s module within Infor SunSystems and the services provided by your bank for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Automate and streamline your accounts payables rather than re-keying transactions that already exist in Infor SunSystems. B4B is an easy to use, sophisticated payment management tool catering for global banking requirements including the complexities associated with international EFT.


  • A significant reduction in time and costs over payment by cheque
  • Improved cash flow control with transactions processed exactly when you want
  • Increased efficiency in the accounts payable department
  • No re-keying transactions into your banking system
  • Excellent security and audit
  • Forms, data items and help will show the fields specific to your country or your bank
  • Comprehensive validation ensures accurate data and reduces payment rejections
  • Centralise your global accounts payable with B4B

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