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Recurring Invoicing

Flexible invoice timing using Recurring Invoicing technology. Invoices may be raised daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or unusual billing periods according to user-defined patterns. This gives complete flexibility to invoicing schedules

One-off charges may be input to the system to be picked up by the invoicing module at the effective date.

Up to 10 values or memo amounts may be held on contract lines, and may be used for processing into order calculations.

Full Sun Pricing Management and Product Management facilities are used.

Full analysis facilities using Sun Analysis Dimensions.

Other contract details include start date, end date and review dates for calculating start and end of contract charges and for producing schedules of contracts due for review. Numerous additional date, text and value fields are provided.

Standard Text can be added to Contracts and passed through for Invoice printing.

Credit Notes can be produced using the original invoice values and rates at the Contract and Line level.

Contract Notes allow users to record special details against contract headers and lines for internal processing, or for passing through to invoices and other external documents.

Invoice Production

Fully automatic or prompted invoice production methods using Control Desk functionality.

Part period calculations for changes to contracts part way through a period Accruals and prepayments report produced at any time. Postings to the accounting system at the time of invoice production.

User defined invoice layouts using Reporting Services reporting technology Flexible calculations for invoices and postings using Sales Order Management Formulae Engine.

User Definable postings to accounting system using SunBusiness Ledger Interface Interfaces to and from other software are provided for both transactions and standing information.

Deferred Revenue

Deferred revenue can be calculated automatically from contract values at invoice generation stage, or by a separate batch process.

System generated Deferred Revenue postings are posted to the Financials Module automatically.

Different calculation methods can be used for invoice and Deferred Revenue calculations.


Reporting Services reporting technology is used.

Q&A (Vision) will allow viewing and processing of information.

Deferred and accrued income reports and optional postings to SunAccount.

Variance reporting between contract and invoiced values.

Full audit trails of all changes made.


Import and Export using XML and flat delimited files.

Conversion of Contracts from Version 4.2.

User Interface

Data entry and user menu screens are user definable to allow for personal customization such as user name, display language, display format for dates, colour schemes etc.

Facility for users to create own help text.

Data access groups provide security to restrict access to distinct user groups.

User defined views with drill-paths to associated information.

Individual users can operate in their chosen language.

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