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Infor EAM: What is EAM and How Can You Get Started With It?

On this page, you’ll get to learn everything you need to know about Infor EAM. But first of all, what does EAM mean?

What is EAM?

EAM stands for Enterprise Asset Management.

Enterprise Asset Management is the process of managing the physical assets of an organisation in order to maximize their use, improve efficiency, safeguard the health of the assets, ensure environmental safety, and save costs on asset maintenance.

It covers the processes, workflows, skills, activities, resources, and tools that go into the management of the entire lifecycle of an organisation’s assets.

What is EAM software?

EAM software (or Enterprise Asset Management software), is software used to plan, execute, optimise and track the management and maintenance of assets of an organisation. EAM software provides enterprises with a bird’s eye view of all data about their assets — including procurement, operational, maintenance, disposal, and replacement information.

About Infor EAM

Infor EAM is an asset management software solution that’s designed to help enterprises digitise and optimise maintenance operations for their assets. In an attempt to address unique industry challenges and to help organisations reach new heights of efficiency with their assets, Infor builds its EAM in industry-specific editions.

What this means is that you get a solution tailored to your needs and for your type of business. Unlike niche solutions which usually cannot grow or ERP add-on products that require extensive customisation, Infor Enterprise Asset Management software is engineered for both scalability and customisation.

Infor CloudSuite EAM also has a mobile application, which is embedded as a standard tool to ensure no lag time.

What You Can Do with Infor EAM

  • Maximising the reliability, uptime, and performance of assets
  • Predicting equipment failure and performing preventative maintenance
  • Ability to streamline asset purchasing and procurement
  • Maintenance tracking and scheduling
  • Tracking of labour costs
  • Monitoring of asset condition
  • Ability to reduce downtime
  • Ability to extend asset life and increase efficiency
  • Managing spare parts inventory and work orders
  • Complying with legal and environmental regulations — a reliable EAM solution will allow you to keep track of maintenance records for presenting to authorities

Facts About Infor EAM

  • Languages and globalisation: Infor asset management software is available in 16 languages and still counting
  • Main targets: The tool targets manufacturing, hospitality, utilities, public sector, transit, healthcare, and oil and gas
  • Ideal users: Companies that use this software are typically large enterprises ($250+ million) although any sizable organisation can use it.
  • Pricing model: The subscription fee is based on the number of users or on-premise license
  •  Delivery model: Infor CloudSuite EAM is offered in a multitenant (SaaS) and on-premise deployment, which allows Infor to provide a continuous delivery model. This means all SaaS customers are able to use the latest version of the software without needing to upgrade from their end.

Who is Infor EAM Best Suited to?

If you are a company in an asset-intensive industry looking for a SaaS-based flexible EAM solution with strong mobile capabilities, then Infor EAM is for you.

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