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Vision Q&A Alert Reporting Module- Infor SunSystems Software

With Q&A Alert, any Q&A report can be processed on a time, event or exception driven basis with distribution via e-mail, web or file system. Alerts can be created in any report to act as triggers for “push” style reporting. For example, you could automate the running of Q&A workbook and drill path extractions, which are then output in HTML format, and e-mailed to the desired users.


Q&A Alert allows any number of tasks to be created that can contain interdependent processes. If a financial tolerance is exceeded within a SunAccounts account or department, for example, an alert is triggered that automatically generates one or more predetermined responses such as printing a report, distributing the report via e-mail, outputting in either HTML or to a Microsoft Excel file, or even to execute designated operating system commands.

A Scalable Solution

Q&A Alert is available as a client-based or server-based solution. Client based alert enables simple “push” activity based reporting while server based alert supports multi-user collaboration and task sharing.

Q&A Integration

Q&A Alert complements and enhances the capacity of the Q&A reporting and analytics suite to identify and analyze the hidden opportunities and problems concealed in the data of your organization.

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