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Vision Q&A Word

Q&A Word is an intelligent, intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Word, providing fast and adaptive ways to extract data from your data source into Microsoft Word documents.

Q&A Word provides extensive report writing capability, for the production of statutory as well as management reports and memorandums. Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used applications for creating critical documents such as reports, letters and business plans. Q&A Word makes it easier to use the existing and familiar functionality of Word to produce professional business reports.

Dynamic Options

Various output options are available including HTML, e-mail or print and a comprehensive Document Rules component allows utmost flexibility in defining report subtotalling and calculation logic. Standard reports created in Word normally contain static information. Q&A Word reports can be refreshed to view the most current data available in SunAccounts.

Q&A Mail Merge

Merge is an extension of Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge capabilities. It allows you to specify a data source for the main merge document, insert, delete or move Q&A merge and Q&A command fields, setup the main document, and execute a merge. Q&A Mail Merge supports equation editor fields, which can be calculated each time a record is extracted, using the recalculate command fields. With Q&A , merge generated documents can easily contain up-to-date information from SunAccounts.


  1. Include user defined output when extracting data using Q&A Word
  2. Multi-lingual and multi-currency
  3. Powerful merge functionality
  4. Perform multi-dimensional analysis using cube analysis

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