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Powerful accounting software for companies with expanding analysis requirements, multiple locations or high growth. Gain a real-time view of data across your organisation with seamless integrations to other systems.

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Cloud Hosting - Infor SunSystems, Financial Accounting Software

Whether you are an existing SunSystems user requiring a hosted environment, or you are considering purchasing SunSystems hosted in a cloud environment, our one-stop provision caters for all.

Why choose FinanSys Cloud?

  • Easy to use, Full features and functionality of SunSystems all delivered via a web browser
  • Reliability, Disaster recovery, hardware upgrades every two years and an up-time guarantee of 99.96%
  • Expertise, People who understand the software, financial application and infrastructure framework
  • Maintenance, 24/7 round-the-clock maintenance, upgrades and system monitoring
  • Helpdesk, Ongoing maintenance by our managed services team
  • Cost, Economies of scale, efficiencies, and in-house expertise all contribute to cost savings.

FinanSys Cloud

Launched in 2012 by FinanSys, FinanSys Cloud became the first hosting service solution dedicated to, and optimised for, SunSystems. This means seamless support, and maximum up time, to enable you to run the most important aspect of your business – your finance department.

FinanSys Cloud provides a secure SunSystems cloud hosting environment that is easy-to-use, scalable, highly accessible, and cost effective. FinanSys Cloud is a dedicated environment (i.e. a private cloud as opposed to the more common multi-tenanted cloud), therefore it eliminates the problem of housing and maintaining your own computer hardware and associated infrastructure.

FinanSys Cloud is managed by a group of highly skilled and trained professionals, who maintain the supporting infrastructure, databases, system backups, disaster recovery, reporting functionality, and software upgrades. With a single point of contact for the customer, FinanSys Cloud is the leading service of SunSystems in the cloud.

FinanSys are providers of the most concise and fully managed cloud hosting services for SunSystems. For more information and how FinanSys Cloud can improve your business please visit the FinanSys Cloud page.

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