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Powerful accounting software for companies with expanding analysis requirements, multiple locations or high growth. Gain a real-time view of data across your organisation with seamless integrations to other systems.

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SunSystems Support Services - Financial accounting software

Support needs to be precise, effective and consistent, with the right person giving the help and guidance needed at an often critical time. Not only do we have our support team available on the phone, we also have a remote team that can attend to your needs on site as required.

As a support provider, we have the highest ratio of support staff to customers within the SunSystems community. We have experienced application and technical consultants who can quickly understand functional and performance issues and rapidly resolve them.

We really are here to help.

Registered users can log in to see the status of their support calls, alternatively they can raise new non-urgent support requests.

Extended Support

Sometimes our customers need that little extra support when it comes to managing their SunSystems configuration. Whether it’s bulk loading suppliers, changing journal types, copying business units, or just monitoring the state of your SQL server, we are here to help.

We find our additional level of support is particularly relevant at critical points, e.g. a staff member suddenly leaves, or time is short.

Our extra support operates on a pay-as-you-go basis and is targeted at tasks that do not warrant getting a consultant to complete, as we offer this cost effective service remotely.

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SunSystems is a premium financial management solution designed to centralise and streamline all your financial processes. The system is highly scalable with companies ranging from a single user to companies with over 200 active users, bringing accessibility, adaptability, and potential to maximise efficiencies.

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